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Cronalia Partner Network

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About Us

We are business developers that enable creators to build and manage user experience with technology. Some of us have white collar jobs, while others are real people with positive hustle rate.

Cronalia is managed by creators who have digital media studios and we are growing every day to cities near you. We power productivity by bringing technology to the table.

We set up this network to get more people engaged in the opportunities that come our way. We are creators but we build systems to make our work easier.

We don't want to send logos by email. We would want to upload them to links and share. We don't want to manually download files from servers for re-upload. Even though we know Github, we are building systems that would be much easier to use.

We are co-founders of Creative Platforms brought to you by Cronalia!

Why Subscribe?

We organize, host and manage events and with your help as volunteers, we can propagate the impact of these events globally and hope they reach communities near you.

We work daily to provide resources, partnerships and support to organizers through our platform and communities via agencies.

With your support, we can reach a larger audience and achieve our goals in enabling creativity across networks developed on this platform.

Organizers and their support teams have availed the opportunity to test new products, register as merchants/agents, manage our products in their local cities/suburbs and directly gain sales manager benefits in cash or wealth of opportunities available through our partner network.

We are looking for creators. Moderators are standby, looking out for you. If you are building something, feel free to subscribe and start a conversation. We are working to accelerate business for up to 50 startups by 2028.

We are crazy enough to think this is possible so let's do this!


We would like to thank our supporters. To those who started with us and others just subscribing to make this big dream a reality - we would like to say a big THANK YOU!

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